Costs and how to make a transfer to my EUR or USD account?

Transfer to the EUR account:

As our client money account is held with Barclays Bank Ireland, Belgium Branch, in Brussels, BE, usually it should be enough to create a SEPA EUR transfer providing just the IBAN and, in some cases, the BIC. 

Transfer to the USD/ GBP account:

All funds that you transfer from your EUR bank account to your USD or GBP account will be converted into USD/ GBP by our bank.

However, our bank applies a aprox. 2% charge on the exchange rate conversion, which may or may not be better than what you can get elsewhere.

We suggest that you look into alternatives before sending us money in a currency that's different to the currency of the goal you are funding.

A number of clients use Transferwise for this very reason. If you sign up via the first transfer (up to GBP 500) is free of charge. (Disclosure: We get 50 GBP commission for every three clients that sign up via this link.)


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