How does work?


1. Prepare your shopping list and select amongst 50 quality ETFs in Europe.

We provide you access to a curated list of 50 quality ETFs from over 15 vendors, including Amundi, BlackRock, Boost, db X-trackers, ETF Securities, First Trust, HSBC, Invesco Powershares, Lyxor SG, State Street Global Advisors, Source, UBS, Vanguard and Wisdom Tree.

Our platform enables you to easily filter by your currency of choice (GBP or EUR), physical vs synthetic ETFs and whether you prefer distributing or accumulating dividends.


2. Decide your Flavour How often do you want to rebalance?


Tell us how you want us to manage your Portofolio, we can apply a buy and hold strategy or rebalance your allocation automatically every month or quarter.


3. Enjoy regularly Invest every month or occasionally.


You can fund your Portfolio with an initial contribution and transfer more money later or opt for a monthly plan with automated transfers that easily helps you turn your savings into investments.

Your target allocation can be updated at any time if your needs or preferences change.

Our proprietary portfolio rebalancing engine will transparently minimise portfolio cash drag at the lowest execution cost, leveraging our own bulk trading.


What would it look like? Request your personalised investment management contract for a real-money account and access your investments 24/7 through our simple to use mobile Apps or web.

Our Discretionary Investment Management Service costs only 0.3% of AUM per year, plus VAT + the TER included in the ETFs. We are regulated by the FCA and available in 17 European countries

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